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for begginers



Welcome to amazing world of paragliding. Our safe and modern teaching method allows you to have fun and make your first independent flights.

You will play with the wing on the ground and learn safety takeoff and landing techniques.
We will introduce you to the essentials of paragliding and properly set up your equipment. You will fly with school instructor in didactic tandem flight. Later, with radio backup we will proceed yours first solo flights. Our goal is to be well oriented and motivated.

What is included in the training? (14 sessions)

  • combined lessons of theory and practice (mornings/ afternoons)
  • ground handling on training hill - intensive training of wing control skills
  • extended didactic tandem flights with school instructor
  • independent solo flights with radio backup

PRICE 800€

In price included:
certified equipment, obligatory insurance, transport, school certificate, HD video/photo report with analysis. The approximate duration of the course is 7-14 days (depending on your progress). For training you will also need: good sport/ hiking shoes, comfortable outfit, protected gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, water etc. Optional accommodation is possible at the paragliding base (from 25€/night).

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